Friday, April 18, 2008

Eyebrow Shaping Tips

Eyebrow Shaping Tips
by Juliet Cohen

Eyebrows are perhaps one of the most under appreciated features of a person's face, yet eyebrows are a perhaps a person's most defining feature.

Change the shape of your eyebrow with a little plucking, and you can change the personality and perceived mood of your face.

Eyebrow shaping is no simple task though. Pluck too much and you end up with a perpetual look of surprise or worse, like you have no eyebrows at all.

Pluck too little, and you go for paint on eyebrow look.

Here are a few tips to make sure your eyebrows come out the perfect shape.

1. Never pluck above the eyebrow. Bleach unruly upper hairs instead.

2. Brush the brows upward before plucking so that you have a clear idea of the lower eyebrow line.

3. Always pluck eyebrow hairs in the direction that the hair grows. This way is less painful and the hairs will regrow flat.

4. Tweeze one hair at a time, starting at the inside (near the nose) and working your way out.

5. Don't over pluck. Take one row of hairs off at a time and examine the eyebrows before deciding if another row needs to come off.

Follow these few simple tips for the eyebrows that will make you stand out.

Applying Eye Makeup Tips

Get lush lashes without mascara:Rub a little petroleum jelly onto lashes to darken and define them.This works best on lashes that have a natural curl.

Pump up sparse lashes by dotting eyeliner pencil between them; use a shade that matches your lashes.( If you wear mascara, use a dark brown pencil ).

Boost your eyeshadow: Moisten the sponge applicator before applying powder shadow.The moisture makes the color go on darker for a bolder look.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Lips Care

Lips Care
By Juliet Cohen
We tend to focus on improving our skin condition and complexion by using proper skin care products and follow our daily skin care regime.

And yet, we never seems to care so much about our lip, neck and other parts of our body.

Talking about the lip area, the delicate area where lipsticks are applied onto it quite often or even daily to enhance your beauty.

Some of you have a thick lip, some will have thin lip.

The lip area is so delicate and sensitive that, the appearance of vertical lines and dull texture around the lip and in the lip area, are signs of aging without proper care.

As you age, your lip becomes hyper sensitive and prone to dryness, lip crack, chapped and flaky, which may cause pain and discomfort when talking or eating.

Several factors which causes lip dryness, lip crack, lip chapped, lip peeling or irritation include changes of season, climate and weather, using the wrong types of lipsticks or lip liner, insufficient moisturizing, food allergies, poor circulation result in dull appearance, and environment pollution.

Use a moisturizing lip balm to repair your delicate lip area from time to time. If you have to use a lipstick, try to use a moisturizing lip stick, and add a thin layer of lip balm formulated with sun protection properties.

There are many types of lip balm which you can choose to protect your lips according to your lip condition – from a cream type for very dry and severe condition, moisturizing gel type for daily use, 2-in-1 lipstick and balm formula which is very convenient, to an easy to carry stick type.

If you run out of a lip balm during emergency, quickly pick a natural based face moisturizer, apply a thin layer on your lip gently for temporary use.

Or another way is,if you take vitamin E at home, break one vitamin E capsule and massage onto your lip, then leave it overnight.

A soothing lip balm contains gentle and mild ingredient, suitable for everyone of all ages, including children who suffer from sensitive lip problems such as chapped, flaky lips.

However, as for very young children and babies, it is advisable to use a petroleum jelly to soothe and repair chapped and flaky lip, avoid using lip balms which are recommended for adults unless it is stated.

In order to slow down lip aging, try a simple solution to soften and visibly reduce the appearance of vertical lip lines and lip dehydration.

You may do it at the same time with your DIY facial and eye treatment or on its own. Let us call this a DIY lip treatment.
Just remember, once a weekly only – cleanse, exfoliate, repair and moisturize your lip to feel the difference and delay lip aging. You will look great

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