Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Use Just Natural Hair Care

Use Just Natural Hair Care
By Nenad Stojanovic

What is natural hair care?

Your hair can look and feel very different if you use organic hair care products. Also, you can make a difference to the environment by using products that are organic as during their manufacturing process there is no any harsh materials.

Organic/natural shampoos work to thoroughly cleanse your hair without drying or stripping it, sooth your scalp thanks to organic herbs and pure essential oils. Out there, there are certainly lots of different natural organic hair care products that you can choose from. If you use them you won't have any problems with acne as chemical shampoos can cause skin irritation.

If you want your hair to look shiny, thick or lustrous then you go for organic products.

Let's just named some of natural certified ingredients:

Chamomile - lightens your hair, especially blonde and cleanse and sooth your scalp.

Lemon balm - refreshes and makes your hair smell wonderful.

Nettle - counteracts hair loss, prevents and cures dandruff, reduce oily secretions and improve the quality of dry, lifeless hair and stimulate the scalp

Rosemary - effective for lifeless and oily hair.

Sage - cleanses and stimulates blood circulation.

Lavender - considered to be beauty product, good for all hair types, has gorgeous smell.

Aloe vera - moisturizes your hair and stimulates hair growth.

Yarrow Flowers - used for its astringent, healing and soothing effects on the hair.

Henna - excellent herb for hair fall as well as lifeless hair.

Natural hair care products

Alverde, Logona, Dr Hauschka, Lavere, Weleda, Sante, Primavera... help you treat your dull hair back to life with organic extracts and herbs.

Your shampoo can be great organic skin care products also. How? When you use shampoo in the shower it comes in contact with your skin. If you ask where to shop, let's just to name few of the many:

Health Goods, Hair Boutique, Tree Hugger, The Natural Skin Company, Village Green Market, Kiss My Face.


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