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Buy Skin Care Products With Vitamin C

Buy Skin Care Products With Vitamin C

Its no secret that vitamins are very powerful in keeping our body health because they contain potent anti oxidants and other health properties that prevent diseases. Vitamin C is also very effective in reducing wrinkles and fine lines, but is it effective in skin care products?

The problem with vitamin C in topical creams is that is difficult to make it work properly, vitamin C is very unstable and when its exposed to the air oxidates. Oxidation increases the formation of free radicals and therefore vitamin C in skin care products could be harmful for your skin.

There have been studies of different ways to use vitamin C so it can be effective and avoid oxidation, one of those ways is by using vitamin c derivatives. Derivatives can help make vitamin c more stable and less risky but it still can be harmful for some people.

In order for vitamin C to be effective in reducing wrinkles it needs to be applied in high concentrations, however the high acidity amount can be irritating for sensitive skins.

It is recommended that you consult your dermatologist first and ask him for advice and he might recommend you to take vitamin C orally via multi vitamins.

If you want to reduce wrinkles there are some very effective anti wrinkle reducing creams that contain powerful natural anti oxidants like Coenzyme Q10 which protects the skin from oxidation and destroys harmful free radicals.

Although there are not many skin care products with vitamin C that can be recommended it is good to eat foods rich in nutrients and vitamins that contain anti oxidants.

Vitamin E is one of the best natural ingredients that any skin care product can have and is highly recommended by experts. Don't forget to consult your dermatologist before making any decision.

Brazilian Beauties - What is it That Makes Foreign Women Beautiful

Brazilian Beauties - What is it That Makes Foreign Women Beautiful
By Wendy Pan

There is a place in this world like no other. Tropical rain forests, impenetrable jungles and the legendary Amazon River, as famous as these are they pale when compared to the true Brazilian beauties. Gisele B√ľndchen, Alessandra Ambrosio, these women of the tropics have a special aura of sensuality and confidence that you find nowhere else.

Languid, slow, and sensual they move as in a dream, captivating you instantly, taking you away from the cares and stress of daily life. A look into their eyes transports you to a special place of dreams and fantasy, a place where your pleasure is paramount, to a place where only you and they exist in a sultry beautiful tropical garden abundant in colorful vegetation and sumptuous fruit.

It is not the tropics that brought you to this spot, not the wonderful land or cities or famous clubs that drew you to this place, it is those captivating Brazilian beauties. Women you have discovered as the most sensuous and sexy that you have ever experienced. So powerful is their presence that they become your world, you experience only them, the essence of their sensuality draws you in, holds you as you consume the experience of being with them. While you know it can't last forever the present is enough to satisfy, it is a world and experience you thought only would exist in fantasy, and guarded ones at that.

Wrapped in a moist heat your life changes, accelerates and slows at the same time, your mind consumed with passion and pleasure, your ever waking moments are of a desire to please and be pleased. Life is no longer normal, your past life is a faint memory as you fall ever deeper in the spell of desire, passion, and a seeking of pleasure that you have never experienced in the past.

A whirlwind of emotions and desires are now your life in this world you never expected and always dreamed of having. It is no longer just a fantasy but a visit into a special world of erotica with the most beautiful and experienced women of the world.

Your submission into this sensual delight is total, your will to resist long lost as your only thoughts are to the present with the beauty and sensual delights that are so consuming and almost addictive now.

You are lost in this special world, the world of the sultry Adriana Lima, this special existence where extreme pleasure are yours in a never ending fantasy that is now reality, and reality that now seems like an impossible fantasy.

It is yours; this all is yours if you will let it happen. Don't live your life without the most sensual, and erotic experience a man can enjoy, your fantasy lives, it's true, it exits and you can live and share it with the sensual Brazilian beauties.


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Herbal Hair Tips To Counter Dandruff

Herbal Hair Tips To Counter Dandruff

One of the worst skin problems is dandruff that not only leaves us scratching ever now and then but it makes our hair looks dull and unhealthy and eventually lead to severe hair loss and baldness if left untreated. Not only has this dandruff also given rise to several other skin problems like pimples, acne or rash that are often seen on the forehead and cheeks of the people who are quite prone to dandruff.

This may also spread on the face, back, upper arms and on the chest wherever the skin comes in contact with the dandruff. Therefore it is important that you control the dandruff that will automatically control the formation of pimples and acne that tarnish your beauty.

Mild cases of dandruff often improves with careful shampooing using professional salon anti-dandruff products but severe cases seems difficult to be cured and it takes long time. Although dandruff recurs so you need to be watchful regarding this matter.

AS approved by FDA that there are five ingredients- salicylic acid, coal-tar, pyrithione zinc, selenium sulfide, and sulfur that could fight the dandruff effectively and so when looking for the with over-the-counter shampoos you must pay the attention to its ingredients. Other than these you can also follow herbal treatment for your hair problem.

Often it has been found and it even has occurred with me several times that itching due to dandruff causes damage to our scalp by the nails. In the extreme condition it our scalp bleeds and this causes further bacterial infection leading to serious problems.

Before it is too late start massaging your scalp gently with the finger tips in small circulatory movements so as to dislodge the dandruff flakes of the scalp with hot coconut or olive oil and leave it overnight followed by applying 1 lemon juice the next day an hour before shampooing with herbal shampoo.

Herbal hair products are mild in nature proves to be very effective that can curb and control the infection without damaging the delicate tresses and also help in stimulating the hair growth. Henna or hair care products of Henna are excellent for any kind of hair problems. Besides this it helps in promoting hair growth and conditions leaving the hair soft and shiny. Specially prepared Henna Mix is very effective in controlling dandruff, restoring and improving the hair texture.

Lastly I would like to remind that you should keep your towels, combs, hair and pillow absolutely clean to avoid the chances of re-infection. It should also be remembered not to use anybody’s towels and combs. Soak your hair brushes and combs in a mug containing hot water with some antiseptic lotion to sterilize it before you use it on your hair. It is advisable to finish your hair care with herbal rinse or medicated rinse after shampooing that will keep your scalp dandruff free and make your hair grow healthy.

By: Louise123

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How To Take Care Of Lips

How To Take Care Of Lips

Lips tend to dry out the fastest at this time of year. Be sure to keep them covered with a good lip balm applied several times during the day. Warm sesame oil will also soothe your lips. Avoid licking your lips and don't bite the skin on the surface of your lips. The skin will never have a chance to heal if you chew on it. This is a hard habit to break but well worth the effort. Lip balms are now commonly available with an SPF factor as well to protect them from the harmful rays.

You should try to avoid over exposure to the sunrays as they can absorb moisture of your lips and make them dry. If you have to spend a lot of time outdoors, then you should go for 'triple lipstick ', with moisturizers and sunscreen built right in.

Only soft and smooth lips could be pretty enough and inviting to kiss. So if you want to be owner of those lips then make your lips kissable by applying lip balm to them every day.

Lips do not produce oil like our skin, because they have no oil producing glands. The skin on our lips is actually mucous membrane, so for them to remain smooth and chap free is a bit of a challenge. The most common cause of cracked lips are allergic reaction to cosmetics, skin infections, extreme weather conditions like excess sun and wind exposure, biting of the lips or a vitamin B deficiency.

Avoid harsh weather. If this is impossible, make sure you always protect your lips by applying a lip balm. Many lip balms now have a sun block as an ingredient which is a great idea. Not only can our skin experience sunburn, our lips can too.

For longer lip color wear, apply lip color and blot off the excess, this will help set your color. Then apply a thin layer of pressed powder and apply color again. This will give your color something to cling on to.

Lip gloss not just lends a moisturizing effect to your lips, but also makes it appear luscious. It is one among the various cosmetic products that women use to adorn themselves. It brings about a major change in the way your lips look. To cater to the varying needs of customers, there is a multitude of lip glosses offered in the market.

Biting or otherwise known as chewing, is just as bad as licking- if not worse. Biting is a habit, and one, if you want healthy lips, you should try breaking. Biting also dries out your lips, along with taking off small amounts the little skin that already exist there. If you can't break the habit of chewing them, then at least apply lip balm more frequently, as this will help to protect them to some degree.

You can mix one-tablespoon cranberry sauce juice with two tablespoons Vaseline for a delicious home made lip balm.

A face without something on the lips really looks undone, unfinished- as if you forgot something. This is particularly so for women whose makeup routine is the simplest one-a little mascara and blush on good clean skin-because naked lips will make the whole face seem wan, while a little gloss can pick up the entire look.

Exposure to wind, sun and cold dry air contributes to chapped, cracked lips by sucking out moisture and damaging skin. Prevent exposure by protecting your lips with a lip cream, balm, or moisturizing lipstick before going outside, and reapply regularly while outside. Since the thin skin on your lips lacks melanin – the pigment that protects skin from damaging UV rays – they're especially vulnerable to the sun, so make sure the product also contains sunscreen of at least SPF 15.

By: Corwin Brown

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How To Get A Beautiful And Glamorous Lips

How To Get A Beautiful And Glamorous Lips
by Peter Hutch

When you come across someone, the first thing that catches your attention is the face. Soft healthy pink lips usually draw attention. They lend a fresh invigorating look to your face. Lips are the most sensitive part of our body and therefore require constant nurturing. Thus, it is of prime importance to pay attention to your lips. Dry chapped lips spoil the whole look and make your face appear dull, pale and unattractive.

Lip Problem

Traumatic lesions or ulcers: These result from local injuries, including accidents. “Often, it’s the patient’s own teeth that are responsible for these lesions. Habitual lip ‘chewing’ can perpetuate benign, traumatic lip lesions, and chronic licking or sucking on the lips, another common habit, can add insult to injury,” Dr. Eisenberg says. “Paradoxically, the over-wetting with saliva of the outer lips due to chronic lip licking can actually lead to harmful dryness or even infection of the lips, with peeling, cracking and discomfort.

Natural Cures

Lips do not produce oil like our skin, because they have no oil producing glands. The skin on our lips is actually mucous membrane, so for them to remain smooth and chap free is a bit of a challenge. The most common cause of cracked lips are allergic reaction to cosmetics, skin infections, extreme weather conditions like excess sun and wind exposure, biting of the lips or a vitamin B deficiency.

If you want to make your lips appear smaller use colours like dark berry or chocolate shades which make lips look thinner also apply the liner on the inner boundary of your natural line. On the contrary if you want a more fuller look recreate your lipline slightly above your natural line and use a sheeny or sheer moisturising lip stick in warm coal, rosy pink or a bronzed caramel tone. Make even more of your mouth by applying little gloss in the middle of your lower lip.

If you are suffering from chapped lips, always clean your lips using light lips scrubber. To do that, take 1 tablespoon of apple crush, ½ teaspoon of lemon juice, 1 pinch of sea-salt, and 2 pinches of white sugar powder. Mix all the ingredients very well. Apply over the lips in gentle motion. Now take a cotton ball soaked in chilled rose water. Wash your lips with the cotton ball. Apply moisturizer particularly before going to bed.

Biting or otherwise known as chewing, is just as bad as licking- if not worse. Biting is a habit, and one, if you want healthy lips, you should try breaking. Biting also dries out your lips, along with taking off small amounts the little skin that already exist there. If you can't break the habit of chewing them, then at least apply lip balm more frequently, as this will help to protect them to some degree.

Dark lips - Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, stop smoking and avoid-lipstick. Apply a layer of oil and leave it on for several hours. Best apply before going to bed. Mix coconut oil and almond oil in equal quantity. Apply a coat of this on the lips and leave on overnight. This has to be done daily for at least two weeks for best results. Every night with a mixture of 1/2 tsp. Glycerine and 1/2tsp. Castor oil with 1/2 tsp. Lemon juice apply your lips and leave overnight. Apply cream from curds with saffron on your lips.

By: User name - Peter Hutch

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Lips Tips for Girls

Lips Tips for Girls
By Robin Brain

Today every girl wants to look as beautiful as any of the actresses in the Hollywood. They consider their lips to be the most important part of their beauty. Their lips can attract any kind of men.

They use a numerous lip cosmetic to maintain the beauty of their lips and keep them healthy. Some of the cosmetics include lip gloss, lipsense, etc.

Lip gloss is a gel like substance packed in a tube which provides moisture to the lips and prevents them from dryness. Some of them also provide shine to the lips.

Lip pencil is used to outline the lips and make the lip line more beautiful and visible. Lipsense is used to impart semi permanent color to the lips which make them more attractive.

Senegence is the leading manufacturer of lipsense in the market. It is the most selling product in the markets throughout the world.

Besides these cosmetics there a few tricks which girls can try on their lips to make them more attractive, lustrous, and kissable.

As mentioned earlier, the lip sense helps retaining the color of the lips and some special lipsense also moisturizes the lips preventing them from dryness.

So a lipsense can do a work of both lip gloss and a lip stick. The girl should exfoliate her lips with the use of a toothbrush. It puts back color in their lips leaving a feeling of invigoratedness.

Drinking lots of water is also highly suggested as it keeps the lips hydrated all the time and prevent them from being dried which leads to the formation of cracks on the lips.

Girls with thin lips should use lip pencils to mark their lip line so that it is visible and can be distinguished on the face.

They must note that the upper lip line should form an 'M' shape which is considered to be the perfect form of lip line.

After marking the lip line, the lips should be filled with a lipstick of an appropriate color depending upon the girl's choice.

It has been proved that the color of lips changes with age, so more aged woman should carry an extra lip stick in their bags to maintain the look of their lips.

In dry summer season, they should carry a lip gloss so that they do not get dried up. It helps the lips to remain soft and smooth all the time.Following these tips can be a lot helpful in maintaining the beauty of a girl's lips.

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Use Just Natural Hair Care

Use Just Natural Hair Care
By Nenad Stojanovic

What is natural hair care?

Your hair can look and feel very different if you use organic hair care products. Also, you can make a difference to the environment by using products that are organic as during their manufacturing process there is no any harsh materials.

Organic/natural shampoos work to thoroughly cleanse your hair without drying or stripping it, sooth your scalp thanks to organic herbs and pure essential oils. Out there, there are certainly lots of different natural organic hair care products that you can choose from. If you use them you won't have any problems with acne as chemical shampoos can cause skin irritation.

If you want your hair to look shiny, thick or lustrous then you go for organic products.

Let's just named some of natural certified ingredients:

Chamomile - lightens your hair, especially blonde and cleanse and sooth your scalp.

Lemon balm - refreshes and makes your hair smell wonderful.

Nettle - counteracts hair loss, prevents and cures dandruff, reduce oily secretions and improve the quality of dry, lifeless hair and stimulate the scalp

Rosemary - effective for lifeless and oily hair.

Sage - cleanses and stimulates blood circulation.

Lavender - considered to be beauty product, good for all hair types, has gorgeous smell.

Aloe vera - moisturizes your hair and stimulates hair growth.

Yarrow Flowers - used for its astringent, healing and soothing effects on the hair.

Henna - excellent herb for hair fall as well as lifeless hair.

Natural hair care products

Alverde, Logona, Dr Hauschka, Lavere, Weleda, Sante, Primavera... help you treat your dull hair back to life with organic extracts and herbs.

Your shampoo can be great organic skin care products also. How? When you use shampoo in the shower it comes in contact with your skin. If you ask where to shop, let's just to name few of the many:

Health Goods, Hair Boutique, Tree Hugger, The Natural Skin Company, Village Green Market, Kiss My Face.


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Eye Makeup Tips - How To Apply Eyeliner

Eye Makeup Tips - How To Apply Eyeliner

by: Dr Bianca Tavares

In this article we take a look at how to apply eyeliner with some tips on achieving some great effects.

One stunning effect that can be achieved easily and a favorite of such well-known actresses from Marlene Dietrich and Marilyn Monroe to Gwyneth Paltrow, is rimming the eyes with either a white or beige eye pencil. This has the effect of enlarging the white of the eye to create a seductive, alluring look.

To apply the eye pencil, pull your lid away from the eye very gently using one or two fingers and draw a line along the inner eye rims.

Do the same with both the upper and lower lids. To make a sharpened pencil softer and easier to apply, you can draw a few lines first on the back of your hand. This will soften the tip and get the color flowing.

Kohl can be applied in the same way with sensational effect. The use of kohl goes back to ancient Egyptian times and is characteristic of eye makeup in the Middle and Far East.

Apply your kohl pencil as described above to both the upper and lower rims, from corner to corner. Then, using either a sponge-tipped applicator, eyeshadow brush, or even your fingertip, blend the color by smudging it to create a smoky effect.

Once you are satisfied with the appearance, you will need to set it by using a light application of loose powder. For an even stronger, more intense effect, apply your preferred color around the eyes in either cream, liquid or powder form.

If you want to use liquid eyeliner, once you’ve mastered the technique of applying it, this can be a quick method of achieving a stunning and sophisticated look. But applying liquid eyeliner can take a little practice.

To begin, it’s best to be in front of a good magnifying mirror, so that your eyes are magnified sufficiently to see very clearly what you are about to do and ensure a smooth application of the liquid eyeliner.

Then, using your free hand, start by pulling the eyelid taut. If you’re right-handed it’s probably easiest for you to start applying the liquid from left-to-right, as if you are writing, and vice versa if you are left-handed.

Draw across in a single continuous fine line. If you want a thicker line then, at the end of the run, simply retrace.

A tip when applying liquid eyeliner is to apply it as close as possible to the eyelashes, even running into the eyelashes.

This will avoid you getting that annoying white line effect between the lashes and the liner when the two don’t meet.

Applying liquid eyeliner does take some practice, so have a bottle of makeup remover to hand until you are confident in the technique.

As they say: “practice makes perfect”, and with a little perseverance and a steady hand you’ll soon be achieving some great effects.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Eyebrow Shaping Tips

Eyebrow Shaping Tips
by Juliet Cohen

Eyebrows are perhaps one of the most under appreciated features of a person's face, yet eyebrows are a perhaps a person's most defining feature.

Change the shape of your eyebrow with a little plucking, and you can change the personality and perceived mood of your face.

Eyebrow shaping is no simple task though. Pluck too much and you end up with a perpetual look of surprise or worse, like you have no eyebrows at all.

Pluck too little, and you go for paint on eyebrow look.

Here are a few tips to make sure your eyebrows come out the perfect shape.

1. Never pluck above the eyebrow. Bleach unruly upper hairs instead.

2. Brush the brows upward before plucking so that you have a clear idea of the lower eyebrow line.

3. Always pluck eyebrow hairs in the direction that the hair grows. This way is less painful and the hairs will regrow flat.

4. Tweeze one hair at a time, starting at the inside (near the nose) and working your way out.

5. Don't over pluck. Take one row of hairs off at a time and examine the eyebrows before deciding if another row needs to come off.

Follow these few simple tips for the eyebrows that will make you stand out.

Applying Eye Makeup Tips

Get lush lashes without mascara:Rub a little petroleum jelly onto lashes to darken and define them.This works best on lashes that have a natural curl.

Pump up sparse lashes by dotting eyeliner pencil between them; use a shade that matches your lashes.( If you wear mascara, use a dark brown pencil ).

Boost your eyeshadow: Moisten the sponge applicator before applying powder shadow.The moisture makes the color go on darker for a bolder look.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Lips Care

Lips Care
By Juliet Cohen
We tend to focus on improving our skin condition and complexion by using proper skin care products and follow our daily skin care regime.

And yet, we never seems to care so much about our lip, neck and other parts of our body.

Talking about the lip area, the delicate area where lipsticks are applied onto it quite often or even daily to enhance your beauty.

Some of you have a thick lip, some will have thin lip.

The lip area is so delicate and sensitive that, the appearance of vertical lines and dull texture around the lip and in the lip area, are signs of aging without proper care.

As you age, your lip becomes hyper sensitive and prone to dryness, lip crack, chapped and flaky, which may cause pain and discomfort when talking or eating.

Several factors which causes lip dryness, lip crack, lip chapped, lip peeling or irritation include changes of season, climate and weather, using the wrong types of lipsticks or lip liner, insufficient moisturizing, food allergies, poor circulation result in dull appearance, and environment pollution.

Use a moisturizing lip balm to repair your delicate lip area from time to time. If you have to use a lipstick, try to use a moisturizing lip stick, and add a thin layer of lip balm formulated with sun protection properties.

There are many types of lip balm which you can choose to protect your lips according to your lip condition – from a cream type for very dry and severe condition, moisturizing gel type for daily use, 2-in-1 lipstick and balm formula which is very convenient, to an easy to carry stick type.

If you run out of a lip balm during emergency, quickly pick a natural based face moisturizer, apply a thin layer on your lip gently for temporary use.

Or another way is,if you take vitamin E at home, break one vitamin E capsule and massage onto your lip, then leave it overnight.

A soothing lip balm contains gentle and mild ingredient, suitable for everyone of all ages, including children who suffer from sensitive lip problems such as chapped, flaky lips.

However, as for very young children and babies, it is advisable to use a petroleum jelly to soothe and repair chapped and flaky lip, avoid using lip balms which are recommended for adults unless it is stated.

In order to slow down lip aging, try a simple solution to soften and visibly reduce the appearance of vertical lip lines and lip dehydration.

You may do it at the same time with your DIY facial and eye treatment or on its own. Let us call this a DIY lip treatment.
Just remember, once a weekly only – cleanse, exfoliate, repair and moisturize your lip to feel the difference and delay lip aging. You will look great

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Eye Beauty Care

Eye Beauty Care by Juliet Cohen

Frequent rubbing of the skin or prolonged fatigue will cause eye bags.

Over dryness and improper eye care will contribute to appearance of wrinkles and crows feet.

Towards middle age, the eye area will droop slightly if untreated.

Do eye padding exercise to strengthen the eye area and improve its circulation around that area.

Use your third and fourth finger on each hand, using lightly press and padded movements under your eyes start from inside and then out until you reach the temple and pressed for 10 seconds.

Repeat a few times.

Do it everyday, during application of eye gel, cream or serum, or whenever necessary without make up.

In today’s changing lifestyle and pattern, you notice some students as young as teenagers have started developing eye puffiness and dark circles which is not so common in the past.

Use eye care products to repair and treat your eye area. Use an eye product daily, add it into your daily skin care regime and start a weekly DIY (Do-it-yourself) intensive eye treatment at home.

You may do it alone or together with your DIY home facial treatment.

Use cooling cucumber slices and place it on each eye, rest for 10 minutes. Remove and wash your eye area with clean water.

You can also substitute with potato slices or cooling tea bags.

Instead of using vegetables, you can opt to use light weight eye gel masque. Apply around the eyes, rest and leave it on for 10-15 minutes.

Wash your eye area with clean water.

Apply a light weight eye gel around the eyes.

Do eye padding exercise to strengthen the eye area and improve its circulation around that area. Use your third and fourth finger on each hand, using lightly press and padded movements under your eyes start from inside and then out until you reach the temple and pressed for 10 seconds.

Your skin is still young and delicate.

Do not use too strong eye products, use a gentle and mild eye product to de-puff your eye area.

Use cooling cucumber slices and place it on each eye, rest for 10 minutes.

Remove and wash your eye area with clean water. You can also substitute with potato slices or cooling tea bags.

Pour rose floral water onto 2 facial cottons, place wet cottons onto each eyes covering the under eyes area.

Leave it for 15 minutes. Rose floral water contains soothing properties and is suitable for sensitive skin.

Use a light weight eye gel or cream masque which does not cause milia seeds or oil seeds. Apply around the eyes, rest and leave it on for 10-15 minutes.

Wash your eye area with clean water.

Use ready made at the counter eye pads masque. Leave it on eye area for 10-15 minutes or as instructed. Remove and wash your eye area with clean water after that.

Apply a light weight eye gel or cream around the eyes.

Do eye padding exercise to strengthen the eye area and improve its circulation around that area.

Use your third and fourth finger on each hand, using lightly press and padded movements under your eyes start from inside and then out until you reach the temple and pressed for 10 seconds.

Your eye problems are not critical yet.

Therefore, do not go for oil based, rich and nourishing eye care products provided you have a dry skin texture

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hair Straighteners - Which Are The Best

Hair Straighteners - Which Are The Best by Scotie Keithlow

With the trend moving towards straight hair, many women yearn for the straight hair look. But if you are not lucky to have straight hair naturally, you need not fret because there are many hair straightening options that you can choose from.

Depending on how frizzy your hair is, you may want to choose one of these options.
Thermal reconditioning is a permanent method that is likely to take about 6 months to show the final results. This method uses chemical ingredients and therefore provides great results.

But as with all chemical options, this is not really recommended for those who have hair that is thin, brittle or damaged. This should also never be the first option that you choose since you may not really like the look that you have and may want to go back to your natural style.

Ion Hair Restructuring is a method that was invented in Japan and is becoming popular these days. The technology used is complex and uses a method that infuses ions into the follicles of the hair. This process changes the basic structure of the molecules of the hair.

This treatment takes a long time and can only be done in professional salons. However, the outcomes are long lasting and very flattering.

Blow dry is a method that can be used by almost anyone and can be done at home. It involves a simple, but time taking action of brushing your hair multiple times while drying them. This is an amateurish way of straightening hair and unlike the Sedu hair straighteners can never really straighten hair completely.

Hair irons are the most favored of the hair straightening methods and the Sedu hair straighteners have been the most popular. Made of two metallic or ceramic plates, these can be use by anyone in the comfort of the home. And these special Sedu hair straighteners are made to release a concentration of negative ions that helps faster straightening.

The Sedu hair straighteners also heat up almost immediately and therefore save a lot of time and electricity in the process. The manner in which you should use a Sedu hair straightener is simple. Shampoo your hair and condition it well.

Make sure to apply adequate levels of serum. Take a small portion of your hair and place it between the two plates of the Sedu hair straightener.

Applying some pressure, work your way down and let the hair come out of the plates. So not stop till the ends of the hair have also gone through the plates of the Sedu hair straightener. On hair that is relatively frizzier, you may need to run the Sedu hair straightener a couple of times.

Make sure that you choose the right temperature on the Sedu hair straightener to get the best results

Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Signs of Aging Eyes and How to Treat Them

The Signs of Aging Eyes and How to Treat Them by Amy Noyes

The skin on our face is surprisingly durable, tough, resilient skin. But the thin, delicate skin surrounding our eyes on the other hand is extremely delicate.

Because the skin of the eye area is thin and less resilient, it happens to be where the first effects of aging skin, sun and stress give way.

The skin around our eyes is fragile due in part to minimal cushion or subcutaneous fat beneath the skin that would give it added support, and as a result the first signs of age often appear here in the form of fine lines and wrinkles.

Along with the typical wrinkles, blood vessels begin to show through the ultra thin transparency of the eye skin, increasing the likelihood of dark circles.

As we grow older, the first things we notice about our aging eyes are wrinkles, under-eye bags, puffiness, and dark circles.

With each year another candle is added to the birthday cake and it seemingly reveals more visible signs of aging.

It would just be so wonderful if we stopped adding the candles to the cake, and magically the signs of aging stopped too.

Even better, what if by taking a few candles off the cake we could miraculously reverse aging that has already occurred.
Unfortunately, the aging process is not so simple and it doesn't quite work this way.

But the good news is there are ways to improve and help prevent our issues with our aging skin, without cosmetic surgery.

There are professional anti- aging eye creams and skin care products that amazingly revive the look of tired aging eyes and skin.
Below are some key ingredients to look for in anti-aging eye creams that target a specific aging concern.

To lift, tighten and smooth wrinkles and puffiness look for active ingredients such as: caffeine, alcohol, retinol, alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA), copper peptides, and vitamin C to tighten skin and stimulate collagen growth.

To diminish and correct dark circles look for products with ingredients such as: vitamin K, kojic acid, and hydroquinone to reduce tiny vessels from leaking and to lighten skin.

Be aware, eye creams are similar to birthday candles; they do not simply perform miracles on their own.

Good genes play a leading role in how well our skin ages, and unfortunately some of us have the misfortune of inheriting dark circles or predisposed wrinkle genes from our parents. But, we cannot go blaming it all on our parents quite yet.

Our lifestyle and habits such as sun exposure, smoking, poor diet, too much alcohol and lack of exercise all play supporting roles in causing wrinkles, eye puffiness, and dark circles.

When you practice healthy living and anti-aging skin care management you will defy nature, age gracefully and look forward to the extra candle on the cake.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Beauty Tips and Lip Plumping

Beauty Tips and Lip Plumping by Robin Brain

Lip have been the most important part of a woman's beauty since past. Every girl today admires one or the other actresses in the Hollywood and wishes to have lips like theirs. These actresses have a specialty of having protruded lips or full lips.

Every girl wishes to have these full lips. These lips increase the beauty of their lips and make them more kissable and lustrous. Moreover they apply cosmetic to their lips to make them further more beautiful.

Cosmetics like lip gloss, lipsense, lip pencil, etc are used for this purpose. Lip gloss moisturizes the lips and make them prevents them from dryness.

Some lip glosses which contain oil also provides shininess to the lips and make them look more beautiful and lustrous. Lipsense imparts a semi permanent color to the lips and make them look attractive.

Unlike the normal lip stick, lip sense penetrates the epidermal layer of the lips and the color becomes more effective and does not smear off easily. Lip pencil is a cosmetic which outlines the lip line and distinguish the shape of the lips on the face of the woman.

Woman who do not have full lips naturally can adopt one of the techniques used for making lips into full lips like lip augmentation, lip coloring, lip implants etc. but these techniques have their own side effects.

Thankfully a technique called lip augmentation has been introduced recently. Through this technique one can achieve fuller lips easily and that too without any side effects. More over, it does not alter the look of the lips and makes them look as natural as they were before applying the technique. A great plumper is a must for effective plumping of lips.

Lips plumper which contain harsh drying agents are strictly not suggested. Hydration is very important to keep the lip plump. A lot of water should be drunk from time to time to keep the lips wet and moisturized. While applying the plumper, the mouth should be opened as wide as it can be so that the plumper does not creates cracks on the lips.

But they should not be over opened because it will result in the formation of blisters on the lips. They actually inject the plumping agent into the skin of the lips and make them protrude. Though they do not have any side effects but then also they should be applied carefully

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Makeup Tip: Beautiful Eyes

Makeup Tip: Beautiful Eyes by Sheila Dicks

Eyes have been called the windows of the soul because of how much they communicate. Eyes give your face energy and individuality. They do not have to be a certain size or shape to be considered pretty - all eyes have their own unique beauty. When makeup is applied to look natural it will bring out the eye’s true color and enhance the eye’s beauty. When you feel good about your makeup you will be more confident and will have one less thing to worry about.
A subtle application of eyeliner, shadows and mascara work together to create magic and make your eyes look their best.

Eye Shadow

Eye shadow is meant to highlight and define the eyes. Eye shadow is used to create depth to bring out the beauty of the eyes. A dark color used on the lid will make the eye appear smaller, while a lighter color will make it appear larger. That is what eye shadow is about creating illusions.

These are the basic techniques for the following eye shapes:

Small eyes: Don’t use too much shadow or liner – it will make you eyes look smaller. Apply a light color on eyelid, use a darker color in the crease and use a highlighter under the brow.

Large eyes: Wear darker shadow on the lid and extend it to the crease. Use a flat color under the brow to highlight.

Deep-set eyes: Use light colors on the eyelid and under the brow. Use a medium color in the crease. Emphasize the outer corners with shadow.

Wide-set eyes: Use darker colors on the inner corners of the eye.

Hooded eyes: Apply light colors on the lid. Use darker colors from the center of the eyelid to the outer corners and blend.

Round eyes: Make round eyes longer by using color all around and extending toward the outer corners.

Asian eyes: Apply highlighter under the brow. Use light shadow on the inner half of the lid and a darker color on the outer half.

1. Light colors cause the eyes to open, dark colors will cause the eyes to recede
2. If you have very light skin avoid dark shades
3. Be careful with shimmer – they will bring attention to imperfections and wrinkles.
4. The eye area is the first to show age don’t tug on the skin.


Eyeliners are meant to define the eyes so they should do just that, not be the focal point of your makeup. Eyeliners come in various colors and forms liquid, pencil etc. Keep the eyeliner natural. Pencils are available in many colors (for the best look stick to black or brown) and can be sharpened for a fine line. For a smudged effect use a sponge tip shadow applicator or an eye shadow brush. When your pencils are too soft refrigerate them. When they are too hard soften them by holding them between your fingers.

To line the eye, start on the lower lid, just beneath the lashes. When you are finished always smudge the line with your sponge. Stay as close to the lash line as possible. On the upper lid, draw a line form the inner corner to the outer corner, thickening the line toward the outer corner. After the age of 40 keep the line in between the lashes.

Mascara and the creation of beautiful lashes:

Mascara frames your eyes and can make your face come alive. Mascara softly accentuates the eye while thickening and darkening the lashes; it is the finishing touch for eyes. There are several different types to choose from, thickening, and waterproof to smudge proof. Waterproof will need a special remover and smudge proof will wash off easily. It is not a good idea to wear waterproof mascara for extended periods of time since it has a tendency to dry the lashes.
Select a shade of mascara that complements your coloring. Dark shades on pale eyes with brown lashes will darken them and will look harsh. Stay away from blues and other colors since they will ruin your look.

Lashes that are hard to curl may need the help of an eyelash curler. Curl your lashes before you apply mascara – hold for ten to twenty seconds.

To apply mascara look straight into your mirror with your chin slightly lifted so you can see your lashes. Insert the wand only once and twist, don’t pump. Pumping can break the brush bristles and distribute the mascara unevenly and will dry out the mascara faster. Start by rolling the wand from root to tip in an upward motion. Reinsert the brush and apply again. If your eyelashes are thick and long they may clunk together. If this happens let them dry and then separate them with the corner of an eyebrow brush.

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What is a Thermal Face Lift

What is a Thermal Face Lift by Dr. Jim Greene

No one likes to see wrinkles and other signs of aging show on their face. Your face is the most important visual aspect of your personality. Wrinkles, loose skin, and other imperfections can obscure the real you and give people the wrong impression.

Let's face it, most of us feel young inside, but when you have obvious signs of aging on your face you just won't appear that way to others.

That's why many people look to face lifts to solve these problems. It essentially pulls the skin tighter against the face to restore that youthful look.

Traditional face lifts require incisions that allow for skin and muscle reconstruction. It's a real medical procedure that requires a lot of time to heal properly.

Other trends like acupuncture and 'instant' face lifts provide non-surgical solutions with mixed results. The newest trend in non-surgical procedures is the thermal face lift.

It's officially called the Thermacool face lift and wad developed by Thermage.

This requires no incisions or any invasive procedures. It uses radio-frequency waves that penetrate the skin.

These radio waves help to tighten skin by heating the layers beneath the skin and causing them to contract while building up collagen. Since heat is involved, some irritation does occur but this can be countered with an anesthetic cream.

The procedure is approved by the FDA and takes only an hour to complete. It is effective for the areas around the eyes, namely the cheeks, eyes, and brow.

Most results aren't visible until months afterwards, but immediately afterwards there are some visible changes. Thermacool is one of the only FDA approved non-invasive treatments available for wrinkles. Though it is not as dramatic as a face lift, it can help to remove fine lines and crow's feet around the eyes.

For some people, especially those with busy schedules, a traditional face lift is not an option. It's simply too time-consuming. That's where a this can be handy. It only takes an hour and there's no drawn out recovery process. All of the work is done internally without incisions so there's no risk of complications.

Since the procedure uses radio frequency waves, the results of a thermal face lift vary depending on the skill of the surgeon.

That's because the surgeon can't see exactly what's going on beneath the skin so it will be all up to his or her training and timing. There are some risks of burns if the radio beam is held too long in one place, but these incidences are rare

Update Your Hairstyle with Bangs

Update Your Hairstyle with Bangs by Inge I

If you want an easy, low-maintenance way to update your style, get inspired from the latest celeb trend and old favorite: get bangs! The great news is that bangs are not only the perfect option to get stylish but they're versatile to practice new looks framing beautifully the face. It's also guaranteed to knock years of you!

Blunt Bangs
The most on-trend of all the looks are the heavy, blunt bangs instantly updating a simple medium long hairdo. This type of bangs can suit a wide range of face shapes. The secret is in altering the width and depth to suit the individuals' bone structure and hair type.
For the best results ask your stylist for wide, blunt bangs that fall on your brow line when it's dry. How to style them yourself

Section back the sides, take the first inch of the bang then clip the rest back. Blow-dry the inch section straight down and then work backwards until you run out of bangs. Finally, use flat-iron over the ends in a downward motion and finish with hairspray or light shine spray.
Tip! Dry your bangs while they're absolutely wet and always use your fingers to avoid any wayward growth patterns spoiling the shape.

Wispy Bangs Fine hair types can get away with long wispy, feathery bangs. This type of bangs suit women with oval face shapes or those with larger foreheads who want to soften their features and emphasize their eyes.

Ask your stylist for eye-skimming softly layered bangs, but avoid any mention of blunt, heavy bangs.

How to style them yourselfApply smoothing serum to the bangs area and volumising spray through the root area and longer lengths. Blast dry with hairdryer using your fingers to create volume in the root area. Finally use either a paddle or a large round bristle brush to tame the longer lengths.

Tip! Remember not to over work bangs. Keep it as natural as possible and hold them in place with a quick mist of your favorite hair spray.

Side Sweeping Bangs
This bang would suit women with square shape face or with at least strong jaw lines. It's not really for the shy and retiring! For the best results ask your stylist for soft, textured, sweeping bangs. Make sure you emphasize that you want dramatic, heavy bangs, you don't want them whispy and thin.

How to style them yourselfThis is a great "blow and go" style. Just pull the bangs forward while blow drying, then place over to one side and add a quick mist of strong hold hair spray and you're good to go! Tip! To get a more casual look, try pulling all your hair back off your face but leave bangs down to soften the style

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Natural Beauty Secrets For Anti Aging

Natural Beauty Secrets For Anti Aging by Paul Rodgers

Aging is irreversible, but it is a process that can be slowed down and anti-aging vitamins are part of the solution. Aging is a process that affects people after a certain age. Aging is not just about appearance either. Aging ungracefully would be like not painting your house and letting things deteriorate faster than needed. An anti aging cream is a product that is aimed at helping your skin look younger and healthier, namely be reducing wrinkles and visible marks.

It is a cutting edge product that helps you to look more youthful and beautiful, and dramatically reduces the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and other effects of aging. Some of the least expensive anti aging products may do well removing very small wrinkles, but when you come to think of it, both types of anti aging creams are worth the price when compared to the high cost, discomfort and possible side effects of plastic surgery or injections.

Men and women have been searching for the fountain of youth since the dawn of civilization. Pursuing natural beauty secrets for anti aging is not vanity; it is an essential way to build up confidence without which there is little achievement in anything. Natural beauty secrets are some of the most sought after treatments. Even the best anti aging cream is not going to return your skin to the appearance it had when you were a teenager.

The first and important way to discover whether or not a wrinkle cream is effective is to see the before and after pictures of that cream.

The second way to finding an ideal wrinkle cream is to see the results of the independent clinical trials of that cream.

The third way to tell if a wrinkle cream is effective is to see if the wrinkle cream gives near instant results.

These tell you if the cream works or not, and if so, how effective the wrinkle cream is.
Women, all over the world, spend hundreds of dollars on beauty products in the hope that those products will make them look all the more beautiful. Most anti aging cream products contain some form of retinol which has been shown to give a sort of rejuvenating appearance to the skin and it works by basically stimulating the renewal of skin cells and reducing dark spots at the same time. Although there are definitely a ton of different anti aging cream products to choose from these days, it is important that you take the time to consider which ones would be best suited for your skin. There should be specific ingredients in the products backed by a proven result on the health and appearance of the skin.

Possibly there is no one on the face of earth who does not want to look younger. An anti aging cream is a product that is aimed at helping your skin look younger and healthier, namely be reducing wrinkles and visible marks. The best anti aging cream must function like an active agent that helps weakened cells to become rejuvenated once again, making the skin look younger and radiant. In addition, your skin will glow radiantly and your lips will appear Plumped up"And here's specifically how LifeCell helps you look younger: The End Of Botox.

You will improve your self esteem and will feel younger, and you can forget about those obsessive nightmares about an old skin and wrinkles. After all, we all know people who look ten years younger than they are. As for with anything else in life, all things come with benefits and disadvantages. Using an Anti aging cream is a great alternative for those that want the benefits but do not want the costs or side effects associated with other products. An advanced anti aging creme has age-defying benefits, antioxidant effects and moisturization.

* Revitalize your skin and reduce the signs of aging

* Significantly diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

* Smooth rough skin texture for ultimate skin care

* Clear darkening under the eyes

* Stimulate the renewal of skin cells

* Restore elasticity to Sagging skin

* Hydrate Skin Dryness

* Produce Healthy Skin coloration

* Prevent other external and internal threats affecting aging skin

Getting nutrition from food is still the desired way to obtain the benefits from an anti aging supplement but the truth is, processed food today just doesn't cut it and even supposed fresh fruits and vegetables from the supermarket have undergone either a form of green harvesting or are processed in some way.

Antioxidants are important organic substances that our body makes naturally, but their production slows down as we age. Antioxidants work against the unstable oxygen particles in the body that damage cells and contribute to the aging process. When compared to other commonly known topical antioxidants available in skincare products, idebenone is the most potent and effective antioxidant compound. Look for products with safe ingredients like aloe vera, essential oils, shea butter, grape seed oil, emu oil, antioxidants like vitamins A,C and E, green tea and Co-Q10. LifeCell contains some of the most potent antioxidants known to science

An actual anti aging wrinkle cream is made of a special substance which prevents the loss of collagen and replaces the collagen in the skin to make it young again. In the quest for younger looking skin and wrinkle reduction, many an anti aging wrinkle cream is available today and much applied after the skin is washed clean

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Lose Weight and Get Gorgeous

Lose Weight: Get Gorgeous by Julia Denham

Now you're losing weight, it's time to focus on your looks, because let's admit it, part of the reason you want to lose weight is to look gorgeous. Beauty starts with the inner you, and since you are what you eat, you need to make sure that your diet includes foods that will increase your beauty.

If you have a lot of weight to lose, you may be worried about "loose skin" syndrome: flaps of loose skin on your chin, underarms, tummy and thighs. To avoid this, aim to lose weight slowly. This gives your body a chance to adjust, so to speak. Include plenty of protein in your diet, and eat lots of vegetables for the vitamins and minerals that your skin needs. You also need to add some monounsaturated oils.

Add Oil To Your Diet To Smooth Your Skin

Whatever kind of diet you're on, your skin needs oil, otherwise it will become dry, flaky and unsightly. It will also become less elastic, contributing to loose skin syndrome. Researchers have found that when you add a dressing made with olive or canola oil to your salads, it may increase your skin's radiance - your skin becomes smoother, softer, and reflects the light, giving you a healthy glow.

Drink Lots Of Water For Soft, Smooth Skin

Water should be your primary beauty aid.

Water is wonderful. Not only does it fill you up without calories, but it also flushes toxins out of your system. You're healthier, and your skin is smooth and lovely.

Don't overdo the water, but make sure you drink a glass of water when you get up in the morning, before each meal, and in between meals too. When you're not used to drinking a lot of water, it can be hard to remember, so just tell yourself that you're taking a beauty break when you sip a glass of water.

After you start to drink more water, you'll notice the difference in your skin within days.
So there you have it - two simple easy ways to get gorgeous as you lose weight. Remember the oil on your salad dressings, and drink lots of water.

Best Beauty Tips For A Healthy And Natural Look

Best Beauty Tips For A Healthy And Natural Look by David Maillie

'Beauty is skin deep', so goes the good old saying. But, that does not rob the charm of enhancing your looks. So, hey there, beauty conscious, there's just no harm in having some of the best beauty tips up your sleeves. For looking and feeling beautiful is a sign of health and happiness. And in an age where looking good spells confidence and success, it's vital that you have the best beauty tips handy.

Pamper Your Body

The first secret to true beauty is a natural body glow. Try a refreshing exfoliate with a homemade mix of olive oil, sea salt or sugar. Dry brushing your body, preferably with a natural bristle brush before a bath. It helps to stimulate the glands.

A Little Thought for your Eyes, Hands and Feet

- Moisturise your hands and feet regularly. Don't forget to file your nails and apply nail polish.

- Free your eyes of the tired look simply with a spoon. Keep it in the fridge and apply to the eyelids.

- Once you have ensured a healthy body, be in fashion with the best make-up tips.

Magic of Natural Make-Up

The secret of smart make-up is to keep it natural. But often unhygienic and wrong use of make-up causes harm. Here are the best beauty tips to avoid a make-up mess:

- Eye care: To ensure healthy eyes change your mascara every three months, eye shadows every six to twelve months and sharpen your eye pencil regularly

- Mascara basics: To avoid mascara smudging, apply a thin layer to the top lashes only and then use an eyelash brush

- Natural glow: A gel blush or cream gives a more natural look than a powder

- Brow beauty: For a natural look, eyebrows must not look pencil thin. Use a definer for extra volume.

- Eyeliner tips: Use liquid liner instead of a pencil, to avoid smudging in the crease of the lid

- Foundation fashion: While choosing a concealer or foundation, check the shade on the palm side of your wrist. It tells whether the shade would look natural on you.

Haute Hair Tips

A homemade hair pack is better than shampooing. Natural stuff like apple cider vinegar keeps shampoo toxins at bay. The right hairdo makes the correct fashion statement. Always discuss your face shape with your hairdresser, to decide on a style

Do's 'N' Don'ts

Common beauty blunders arise from ignorance. Here are the best beauty tips to be better informed:

- Avoid soap and switch to natural cleansers - Wash your face often - Use an eye cream regularly- Drink lots of water - Never forget a sunscreen - Use natural beauty packs

Mind Matters

Last but not the least; you just can't glow unless its heart felt. So, the best beauty tips include doing something you enjoy whenever you can. Always take a break, chat with friends, forget your worries, set your mind free and just watch the wonders.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Benefits Of Honey In Beauty

Benefits Of Honey In Beauty
by Robert Baird

Honey includes wax, sugar, and many of minerals. It is an expected moisturizer, over and above an anti-irritant building it appropriate for thin-skinned skin category. Honey is able to be found in a lot of of the beauty goods you locate in your narrow drug store or preferred beauty deliver store. A few of these goods can be very costly to purchase and a lot of of these goods can be prepared at residence.

Endeavor some of the subsequent honey beauty tips underneath

Honey cover: Apply clean honey to your face and permit it to lie down until dried out. This will acquire 15 minutes. Formerly dry, clean your face with hot water.

Body blush wash: To moisturize, soft, and obtain an all in excess of body blush, keep a jar of honey subsequently to your bathtub. Apply honey on your membrane and stroke dry by means of both hands. At the same time as touching your skin, the honey will get muggy and softly haul up your skin. Wash away the honey at what time you are completed. The consequences will be huge circulation and attractive, shining skin!

Honey rub: Muddle up 1 teaspoon of honey by means of slight almond flour hooked on the palm of your hand. Softly submit an application of honey on your face for a facial wash. Soak your face with hot water to do away with honey rub.

Hair conditioner: In favor of hale and hearty hair and scalp, unite half mug of honey and 2 tablespoons of emerald oil. Wet through your hair by means of the honey blend, put on a bathe cap and permit it to stay behind on hair for about 30 minutes. Following 30 minutes, rinse and soak your hair as you on the whole do.

Membrane toner: To dense, level, and humidify your skin, merge 1 peeled, cored apple by means of 1 tablespoon of honey in a mixer. Beat honey mixture awaiting smooth. Softly apply honey blend on face and permit it to stay for 15 minutes. Wash your face by means of balmy water to take away the honey combination.

Through the above beauty instructions, you can make reasonably priced spa-like yield at residence. Honey is magnificent beauty inventions as it contains logically taking place enzymes, vitamins, and natural resources. Be in no doubt your honey is all natural by pay for just 100% uncontaminated honey to generate your beauty goods.

The Power Of Beauty

The Power Of Beauty By: Sher Matsen

Have you ever wondered why women are so concerned about how they look? Why they aim to look like the beautiful women they see on the television and in magazines? That’s because beauty is power!

Even way back into ancient times women were concerned about their looks. Think of Cleopatra or Nefertiti who were beautiful women of their times.

The cosmetic industy is well aware of this and that women will go to great lengths to look beautiful. That’s why the cosmetic industry is a multi billion dollar industry.

When you think of beauty you think of what you see on the outside. But beauty is more than skin deep. And beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder! What one may find beautiful another may not. Even though there is no such thing as a definition for universal beauty all women know how to use their beauty to their advantage

Men fall for this manipulation constantly. In fact they seldom know they’ve been snared into the web with a woman’s beauty. Of course the know when exterior beauty is mesmerizing them but it’s the internal beauty that they have not idea is working. That pouty mouth, those sparkling eyes, that gentle laugh. The power play of the boardroom and the bedroom share many similarities.

It’s a proven fact men are unable to release themselves from the beauty of women. A quick look, a wink, a big inviting smile, a relaxed posture are all indications that a man has succumbed to beauty. Studies have shown even the smartest men go stupid when entranced by the beauty of a woman.

Remember Sophia Loren, Jane Collins, or Jaqueline Bisset. Think about Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman, Madona, Marilyn Monroe. There beauty had an instant effect on the male population. Not only their exterior beauty but the deeper inner beauty of confidence and mystique that surrounded them.

These women were all show stoppers without even trying. In fact when asked they felt their features were flawed, but men didn’t see it that way. And yet each of these women were totally different in looks and personality. But each brought a certain group of men to their feet. Each had the ability to take the smartest man and turn him into a walking talking zombie stuttering, and staring.

Remember a beautiful woman is more than the exterior shell. Beauty is the whole woman. Personality, charm charisma, seductive sexuality, a smile, or a stance. There are many elements to a womens beauty than capture a mans attention and lock him into a world of bliss.

There is no cure for the poor male population, no pill to pop, no treatment to make them free of the power of a beautiful women. There are no magic bullets to stop the bite of beauty from turning the male population into a drooling idiot or a walking talking zombie. And until there is women will continue to use their beauty as a weapon on the opposite sex. Sorry guys!

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14 Makeup Tips to Improve Facial Beauty

14 Makeup Tips to Improve Facial Beauty by By Ron San

When considering with facial beauty, it's important to understand which cosmetics to apply.
As each individual has unique skin characteristics, there is no single cosmetic that can be used for everybody.

Additionally, the outcome is also different based on the make up method the person practices.
Next are some make up tips that can be applied to make you more appealing.

1. Find out foundation or cosmetic color that resembles your skin tone as close as possible. An acceptable make up color is when it is not noticed by others that you are using it.

2. Always make use of moisturizer before employing foundation for a smoother facial expression.

3. Apply the foundation across the lips and eyes all of the time.

4. Place powder on top of liquid foundation (if used).

5. As for the blusher, dark tones are most beneficial for tanned skin, while light colors are for fair skin.

6. Lipstick should correspond to skin tone as well as mascara.

7. Dark or stronger shade of lipstick is suggested for a well-shaped mouth. Additionally, keep eye make up soft and clean.

8. Make the best of a daily cleansing routine for a better make up.

9. Apply eye make up less during the day and more for the night time. It is advisable to select eye make up based on your life style or attended event.

10. Green eyeshadow in reality reveals almost every eye color. Feel free to carry out experimentation on this by mixing the eyeshadow with different shade in the corners.

11. Always take out make up before going to bed.

12. Natural products are necessary for acne prone.

13. Scars on face can be recovered by Vitamin E. Tan can reduce the scar appearance too.

14. Proper skin care is crucial. It is best to consult to your dermatitis doctor on a regular basis of the cosmetic use for your skin.

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Hair Beauty Tips

Hair Beauty Tips by Robert William

Let’s look at Key 1: How can you feel more effervescent and attractive physically?

The idea here is to choose one or more activities you would like to integrate into your life. By taking miniature steps at a time, you won’t feel overwhelmed. Personally I find that nurturing activities must go into my weekly agenda, or I will not do them.

Set a new goal for your implement activities for one month. For example, you could supplement your customary exercise program, add one walk per week, take a calisthenics or yoga class, or whatever class motivates you, or you could get help from a professional trainer. Think about which exercises or sports stimulate you, and how you want to feel and look as a result. Set one nutrition goal for at least one month to change a habit.

For instance, you might cut down on chocolate, ice cream, pasta or bread. Or you could choose to include more fresh vegetables or fruit in your diet. Sense how your decision will benefit you through an increase in energy, having greater muscle tone, or just feeling sexier! Eavesdrop to your preferred music occasionally. Before dinner with the family or before the kids get home from school, close your eyes and listen to stimulating music to lift your spirits. Really let your mind relaxes and enjoys the nuances of the music.

Create in your mind yourself while in a relaxed state of mind. See yourself as fit, energetic and charged with energy and enthusiasm. Imagine taking time for self-nurturing, fun and creative pleasures! Affirm, “I am a exceptionally beautiful and vigorous woman. I make time in my life to nurture myself, and others are supportive of me. Thank you Universal Spirit, for drawing these experiences into my life.” Update your representation once a month to help you feel more attractive and to lay emphasis on your personal beauty.

It could be as simple as adding new trimmings for attire you already own. Try laying-out your current attire and add one or two new pieces that coordinate with these items to complete outfits. Or use an image consultant to help you update your look and select gratifying costume that you would not usually choose yourself.

Many makeup artists offer makeup instruction, which is an enormous way to improve your own makeup skills on a daily basis. Choose a makeup artist that is exhausting natural, well-designed makeup herself. Perhaps it’s time for a new short back and sides. Check referrals for good hairstylists and try to bring a magazine photo with you that resemble the look you would like to pragmatically realize.

Once a month treat yourself to a health resort day, a massage, a pedicure, a manicure or even a home facial. Take a long well-appointed bath with calming herbal essences such as mauve. Add a candle and peaceful music for atmosphere.

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