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How to Do Curly Hair Styles For Short, Medium and Long Hair

How to Do Curly Hair Styles For Short, Medium and Long Hair

Nowadays it is stylish, trendy and fun to have a soft, bouncy hair. Even if you have naturally curled hair, then also you need to work on your hair a little bit to achieve the best curly styles. Curls are easier to achieve and shape when the hair is layered. Tools and methods used for creating curly hair depend on many factors. Below mentioned are some useful tips.

Short Hair

When curling process is finished, rub some pomade or wax on both your hands. By flipping over your hair, apply the substance throughout the hair by rubbing your fingers. This will create a soft and loose curl. Use a firm hairspray for achieving a tighter curl.

Medium to Long Hair

A little more work has to be done on hair of this length. However it is possible to get beautiful curly hair just like in case of short hair. But often the hair at the top of the head remains flat while those at the middle and ends will be heavily curled. Extra curls can be obtained by leaving the iron for about 20 minutes or more, or else an iron which take about 10 minutes to put in and take out, is the best option.

To obtain a much defined and tight curl, apply a hairspray in a downward motion onto your hair while wrapping your hair onto the iron. By starting from the front and moving back, hair can be rolled in one inch sections. Next, the sides are rolled, by working from top to bottom. If there are any very tight curls, use a soft finishing gel or spray to soften them.

Another method for obtaining curly hair is to crush your hair with the help of hard hairspray combined with a softening gel to soften the curls. You can wear these curls the office or school for a casual yet sophisticated look. At night, you can pin these curls up that create an elegant and more sensual look to your appearance.

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