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How to Do Curly Hair Styles For Short, Medium and Long Hair

How to Do Curly Hair Styles For Short, Medium and Long Hair

Nowadays it is stylish, trendy and fun to have a soft, bouncy hair. Even if you have naturally curled hair, then also you need to work on your hair a little bit to achieve the best curly styles. Curls are easier to achieve and shape when the hair is layered. Tools and methods used for creating curly hair depend on many factors. Below mentioned are some useful tips.

Short Hair

When curling process is finished, rub some pomade or wax on both your hands. By flipping over your hair, apply the substance throughout the hair by rubbing your fingers. This will create a soft and loose curl. Use a firm hairspray for achieving a tighter curl.

Medium to Long Hair

A little more work has to be done on hair of this length. However it is possible to get beautiful curly hair just like in case of short hair. But often the hair at the top of the head remains flat while those at the middle and ends will be heavily curled. Extra curls can be obtained by leaving the iron for about 20 minutes or more, or else an iron which take about 10 minutes to put in and take out, is the best option.

To obtain a much defined and tight curl, apply a hairspray in a downward motion onto your hair while wrapping your hair onto the iron. By starting from the front and moving back, hair can be rolled in one inch sections. Next, the sides are rolled, by working from top to bottom. If there are any very tight curls, use a soft finishing gel or spray to soften them.

Another method for obtaining curly hair is to crush your hair with the help of hard hairspray combined with a softening gel to soften the curls. You can wear these curls the office or school for a casual yet sophisticated look. At night, you can pin these curls up that create an elegant and more sensual look to your appearance.

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Big Beautiful Eyes With Make Up

Big Beautiful Eyes With Make Up

Eyes always articulate the truth which means even if you want to lie, your eyes, which happen to be the windows of your soul, will hardly allow you to do the misdeed. That is exactly why many a time man's eyes are referred to as god's own reflectors of the truth. We often look into someone's eyes and reckon we are in love with him or her. It is right that such emotions which a man can sometimes not speak with his mouth are reflected with all the certainty with the help of his eyes. You can hardly keep anything from the people around you for your eyes will speak everything that you always wanted them to know. Eyes also aid us with the perfect ability to gauge different personalities which is also one of the major positives of the same.

Apart from the aforementioned and as far as women are concerned, there could be nothing better than helping them make their eyes look bigger and better with make-up which is in vogue nowadays. Every one wants to look beautiful which is why people all over the world have begun to depend a great deal up on the cosmetic industry, changing their external appearance and overall personalities too in the bargain. They do not mind spending tons and tons of money in a bid to change the way they look at the end of the day for that is what they want. Especially since the beginning of the television industry every other woman wants to have eyes like the actresses on the big screen which is why they are splurging like maniacs each time they tend to visit the market place at their end.

But it definitely does your self-esteem a whole lot of good when you end up looking good. Eye make up is one of the most important aspects of make-up these days. The whole idea is to accentuate the eye area and keep the rest of the face nude which is why your eyes look bigger and better most of the time. You could simply try the Smokey trick to give them the boost that they always required in a bid to look big and beautiful. For that all you need is a kohl pencil and some black eye shadow. Start with cleaning your face which also includes your eye area. Then dab dry after which you should go ahead and apply the shade of foundation that suits your skin and color both so that you don't look too made up at the end of the exercise.

Now, take the black eye shadow and apply is slowly on your upper eye lid merging it with your skin. Once you are done with applying the black eye shadow, curl your lashes and layer them up with mascara. This way they will look nice and long giving you a sensuous look that you probably always wanted. Use the white pencil to outline the inner area of the lower lid so as to help enhance the eye area making your eyes look bigger in the deal. And at the end, just apply some kohl outside the lower lid or on the circumference of your lower lid so as to help your eyes look really hot and sultry, just as you wanted them to be.

Making your eyes look bigger is hardly a problem for all you need to have is a white liner pencil that will help enhance the eye area of your eyes making them look bigger too in the whole work out. After all, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and if your eyes are not big enough then how would they help you look beautiful?

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Facial Beauty Tips And Techniques

Facial Beauty Tips And Techniques

Know Your Skin Type

First, it's important to know that the type of skin, so that you can choose from skin care products to you. Do you have normal skin, dry skin, oily skin, mature skin or sensitive skin?

Dry or Very Dry Skin

Cream products with a high oil content and are an asset. Avoid soap and detergents on the face and neck, as can be drying. Oil-based masks are soothing and moisturizing dry skin FRO.

Dehydrated Skin Dehydrated Skin

Drink plenty of water to hydrate, the goal remains of two liters per day.

Oily Skin

Cleaning and moisturizing cream or milk to a higher water content and a thin consistency and are less prone to cause congestion. Do not scrub the skin as this may promote increased oil production.

Combination Skin

Try different areas of the face with products, specifically for their needs. For example, the lighting design in the T-Zone oily, smooth and rich dry products. The skin will benefit from a moisturizing mask on the cheeks and a deep cleansing mask on the forehead, nose and chin.

Mature Skin Care

As for dry skin, choose products rich creamy base oil. The skin may thin, or rosacea, so always be handled with care and very little pressure. Firming and anti-aging products are very useful, as well as the neck and eye care specific products.

Sensitive Skin Tips

Not just the sensitive skin may react to ingredients in the product, but also the harmful effects of sun are felt lighter. We recommend using an SPF 50th A gentle exfoliation product contains no granules is gentler on the skin peeling.

Now that we have the different skin types, these types of products facial treatment is and what they do for your skin?

Facial Cleanser

To remove makeup, so that the skin clean and free from contamination. Some cleaners are gentle enough to use on the eye, but if you remove waterproof mascara, will need a special eye make-up.

Toning Lotion

These remove traces of cleanser, refreshes the skin and has a temporary effect on the tightening pores. Refreshes the skin and helps restore the skin PH.


Often as the day lotion, which described nourishes the skin leaving it soft and supple. Oil and water emulsions draw water from the skin and prevent moisture loss through evaporation. Moisturizer should be applied to the skin after cleansing and toning. Some creams and lotions contain SPF and protect the skin from environmental damage. Not only moisturizers hydrate and condition the skin and offer an excellent base for make-up.

Eye creams

Eye creams are specially designed for the moisture and protect the delicate skin around the eyes. They often contain collagen, oils and vitamins contained, and some particles scatter the light to the attention away from dark circles under the eyes.

Neck Creams

firming neck cream and hydrating moisturizers that are more frequent. In our 20's and 30 of our moisturizer is usually enough to feed his neck and colletage, but our 40 years and beyond the neck often requires intensive moisture. Other benefits of collagen and elastin is to prevent sagging and aging, thus maintaining a youthful look.


Peeling products are creams or gels, the small particles, which are gently rubbing the skin of dead cells from the skin removed revealing to contain fresh new here. By loosening the surface of blocks to prevent outbreaks and to improve and give a healthy glow, the complexion of tired before. Scrubs are a great way to a beige color level.

Face Masks

There are a number of different formulations of the mask available to perform the various actions. Masks are a very relaxing and therapeutic care routine. Increase blood circulation and improves overall color of the skin.

A deep cleansing mask removes traces of dirt trapped in the debris and oil.
They're easy peeling. Areas of dry, scaly skin are replaced by the skin soft and supple. Toning and refining masks soften tired skin. The skin is refreshed and invigorated, and the pores appear smaller, so that a thinner skin. Nutritious masks and moisturizers can be moisturizing ingredients hydrate the skin soft and supple. Furthermore, reassure tired skin.

Sun screens and sun blocks

A sunscreen for the face is a beauty essential support during the year. Choose from a 15th with a sun protection factor of at least. Even on cloudy days the sun's rays in the atmosphere and damage the skin gradually as a result of pigmentation and premature aging. In extreme cases this can cause burns and permanent scars.

By: Britney Jewell

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Beauty Of A Butterfly Wedding

The Beauty Of A Butterfly Wedding

One of the most beautiful wedding themes you can use is the butterfly wedding. Even more impressive is the wedding where there's a butterfly release.

A Butterfly Wedding Theme

The first consideration when you are thinking about having a butterfly wedding where you will be releasing hundreds or thousands of butterflies is to do a complete butterfly theme for the wedding. This is where people get into trouble. Overdoing the theme where everything is "butterfly" oriented becomes tacky very quickly. This is why, even though a butterfly theme can form the foundation of a truly wonderful wedding, it's very important to keep the theme very low key.

When you are planning to release butterflies, that is often enough so that butterfly images aren't really needed on things like napkins of table cloth. By simply complimenting the "thought" of butterflies with things like wedding colors that compliment the species of butterflies that you purchased, or flowers throughout, guests will quickly recognize the theme and will appreciate the taste and style with which it was accomplished.

Alwasy pick your flower arrangements to compliment the colors of the butterflies you've selected. It is easy to obtain pictures of the butterflies online, even from the breeder where you order the butterflies for release. Make sure the bridesmaid's dresses are complimentary. The groom and groomsmen will almost always be complimentary, because most butterfly wings have black in them.

Also, have your wedding in a location that makes sense to release butterflies. Either a butterfly garden, or any outdoor wedding would make a beautiful ceremony that is centered upon the beautiful transformation and release to the freedom and independence represented by the butterfly. Also make sure that the photographers for your wedding are aware that you're going to be doing a butterfly release. They will surely want to prepare their cameras for the unique photo opportunities such an event provides.

Releasing Butterflies at a Wedding

Releasing butterflies at a wedding is becoming an increasingly popular way to create a unique and memorable ceremony. It is extremely easy to purchase a variety of species of butterfly online, simply conduct a web search for "butterfly release."

The butterflies require very little to stay alive, so they are shipped to you in special "cooler" boxes, which they can be released from directly, or transferred to a larger "release basket" where they can be released. Instead of the traditional rice or birdseed, releasing a large group of butterflies at once creates a beautiful scene that both adults and children will love.

When the butterflies arrive, they've been cooled so that they enter a partial hibernation mode, where they get sluggish. They should be kept in these coolers until the ceremony. About 90 minutes before they are going to be released, you should transfer them to a warmer location so that they can perk up and become more active, otherwise many of them may not immediately launch into flight.

Calculating Butterflies to Buy

If you have never purchased live creatures before, it can feel a little strange. However, it is very common. People around the world release live butterflies into the wild for a variety of reasons. The butterflies are not hurt when they are shipped, in particular because they are placed in a cooler container that reduces their energy levels. It is a perfectly safe transition from where they are breeded to where you will be releasing them.

Most experts suggest having one butterfly for every two guests for good effect. In other words if you have 200 guests at your wedding, it's a good idea to purchase 100 butterflies. You can either have guests release the butterflies, or release them all at once from a basket. Make sure to indicate your intentions when you order the butterflies from the breeder, because the breeder may have their own advice about what works best.

Is it Too Expensive?

Compared to other wedding costs, purchasing live butterflies is very inexpensive. One dozen butterflies is typically $90. The typical butterfly is either Monarch or the Painted Lady. Releasing these butterflies is considered perfectly normal for the butterflies and for the environment, and it will create one of the most memorable wedding ceremonies your guests will ever attend.

By: Butterfly

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Few Make Up Techniques to Develop Natural Beauty

A Few Make Up Techniques to Develop Natural Beauty
By James Redwood

Start your make up with a clean face. In order to get great results you have to concentrate on your face while cleaning.

Problems may occur if you start make over on an oily face and it doesn't adhere nicely. So whenever you are ready to give some make over on your face, you have to start off with clean and fresh face by using a good facial cleanser.

Focus on good looking Part: This may seem like common sense but it is a must and to focus on your sexiest feature.

For example if you have broad eyes with long thin lashes, then try to add more flavor to your smoky eyes to get sexy look. And another example is your lips.

Almost they make temptation, if you keep your lips toned down. In other words you have to highlight the main focal point with other supporting features. Make sense? But finally, what you end up is to make yourself looking catchy, noticeable and of course sexy.

Less is best! Yes, this is right. You have to keep yourself fairly natural. Your particular make up style makes you to feel comfortable in any occasion.

Don't do any mistake like irregular over make up that 90% women are doing in this world. Watch the current trending cosmetics and choose the best color match that fits you. In other hand you can also get fair in natural methods by using mild soaps and minerals.

Try Mineral Make up Naturally:

Of course, some people have sensitive skin and have to be careful about using make up. If you are one among the crowd then I highly suggest you grab the advantage of mineral make up that is available at a low cost.

Because it is highly jam packed with natural organic ingredients and can find it in all local departmental stores, as well as online counters. But before stepping in, you can also ask for complementary samples from the vendors and this enables you to find right shade for your skin tone respectively.

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