Thursday, January 3, 2013

How to Have Beautiful Eyebrows

How to Have Beautiful Eyebrows
By Tielle Webb, eHow Contributor

When your eyebrows are beautifully groomed, your face instantly looks even more beautiful. Your eyebrows frame your eyes and give your face expression.

Using the eyebrow brush or comb, brush your brows up and over into place as much as possible.

Use an eyeliner pencil or just a regular pencil to determine where your brows should begin, end, and arch. Hold the pencil straight up and down, with one end at the corner of your mouth and the other end at your eyebrow. Any hairs that go past the pencil (toward the other eye) need to be tweezed.

Now hold the pencil at a diagonal, with one end at the opposite end of your lips. The pencil should lie over the nostril of the corresponding eye. If any hairs go past the pencil, pluck them!

Now hold the pencil at the middle of your mouth and tilt it at about a 45-degree angle, over the middle of your eye to your brow. This is where your arch should be. Tweeze the bottom of the brow here only. Pluck any stray hairs around the brow as well.

Tidy the brow by brushing straight up and trimming with the cuticle or mustache trimmers. This will take care of any of those wild hairs you might have, that grow too long but shouldn't be tweezed.

Tips & Warnings
If you are very sensitive and find tweezing too painful, start by holding a warm, damp wash cloth over your brow for several minutes. This will open the pores and help the brows come out with less tugging.

Don't over-tweeze! Nobody looks good with tadpole brows. If you do over-tweeze, fill your eyebrow in with eye shadow a shade darker than your natural hair color.

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