Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Signs of Aging Eyes and How to Treat Them

The Signs of Aging Eyes and How to Treat Them by Amy Noyes

The skin on our face is surprisingly durable, tough, resilient skin. But the thin, delicate skin surrounding our eyes on the other hand is extremely delicate.

Because the skin of the eye area is thin and less resilient, it happens to be where the first effects of aging skin, sun and stress give way.

The skin around our eyes is fragile due in part to minimal cushion or subcutaneous fat beneath the skin that would give it added support, and as a result the first signs of age often appear here in the form of fine lines and wrinkles.

Along with the typical wrinkles, blood vessels begin to show through the ultra thin transparency of the eye skin, increasing the likelihood of dark circles.

As we grow older, the first things we notice about our aging eyes are wrinkles, under-eye bags, puffiness, and dark circles.

With each year another candle is added to the birthday cake and it seemingly reveals more visible signs of aging.

It would just be so wonderful if we stopped adding the candles to the cake, and magically the signs of aging stopped too.

Even better, what if by taking a few candles off the cake we could miraculously reverse aging that has already occurred.
Unfortunately, the aging process is not so simple and it doesn't quite work this way.

But the good news is there are ways to improve and help prevent our issues with our aging skin, without cosmetic surgery.

There are professional anti- aging eye creams and skin care products that amazingly revive the look of tired aging eyes and skin.
Below are some key ingredients to look for in anti-aging eye creams that target a specific aging concern.

To lift, tighten and smooth wrinkles and puffiness look for active ingredients such as: caffeine, alcohol, retinol, alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA), copper peptides, and vitamin C to tighten skin and stimulate collagen growth.

To diminish and correct dark circles look for products with ingredients such as: vitamin K, kojic acid, and hydroquinone to reduce tiny vessels from leaking and to lighten skin.

Be aware, eye creams are similar to birthday candles; they do not simply perform miracles on their own.

Good genes play a leading role in how well our skin ages, and unfortunately some of us have the misfortune of inheriting dark circles or predisposed wrinkle genes from our parents. But, we cannot go blaming it all on our parents quite yet.

Our lifestyle and habits such as sun exposure, smoking, poor diet, too much alcohol and lack of exercise all play supporting roles in causing wrinkles, eye puffiness, and dark circles.

When you practice healthy living and anti-aging skin care management you will defy nature, age gracefully and look forward to the extra candle on the cake.


  1. Maintaining your eyes is one of the most important regiments of maintaining your beauty. Although it may be hard, it has its own reward once you're successful. Those who have a hard time treating their eyes will find this very helpful.

  2. If you want to maintain your eyes, then you should plan your treatment well. The results may not be quick as you'll expect them to be, but that's just a part of treating them, right?


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