Thursday, February 21, 2008

What is a Thermal Face Lift

What is a Thermal Face Lift by Dr. Jim Greene

No one likes to see wrinkles and other signs of aging show on their face. Your face is the most important visual aspect of your personality. Wrinkles, loose skin, and other imperfections can obscure the real you and give people the wrong impression.

Let's face it, most of us feel young inside, but when you have obvious signs of aging on your face you just won't appear that way to others.

That's why many people look to face lifts to solve these problems. It essentially pulls the skin tighter against the face to restore that youthful look.

Traditional face lifts require incisions that allow for skin and muscle reconstruction. It's a real medical procedure that requires a lot of time to heal properly.

Other trends like acupuncture and 'instant' face lifts provide non-surgical solutions with mixed results. The newest trend in non-surgical procedures is the thermal face lift.

It's officially called the Thermacool face lift and wad developed by Thermage.

This requires no incisions or any invasive procedures. It uses radio-frequency waves that penetrate the skin.

These radio waves help to tighten skin by heating the layers beneath the skin and causing them to contract while building up collagen. Since heat is involved, some irritation does occur but this can be countered with an anesthetic cream.

The procedure is approved by the FDA and takes only an hour to complete. It is effective for the areas around the eyes, namely the cheeks, eyes, and brow.

Most results aren't visible until months afterwards, but immediately afterwards there are some visible changes. Thermacool is one of the only FDA approved non-invasive treatments available for wrinkles. Though it is not as dramatic as a face lift, it can help to remove fine lines and crow's feet around the eyes.

For some people, especially those with busy schedules, a traditional face lift is not an option. It's simply too time-consuming. That's where a this can be handy. It only takes an hour and there's no drawn out recovery process. All of the work is done internally without incisions so there's no risk of complications.

Since the procedure uses radio frequency waves, the results of a thermal face lift vary depending on the skill of the surgeon.

That's because the surgeon can't see exactly what's going on beneath the skin so it will be all up to his or her training and timing. There are some risks of burns if the radio beam is held too long in one place, but these incidences are rare


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  3. Some people who have undergone a thermal face lift often see the results right away. If the procedure depends on the surgeon, then the patient just has to trust his or hers. Surgeons today are very skillful, that's why trusting them isn't hard to do.

  4. People consider surgery as one of the options to look young again. Yes, feeling young inside helps because it fights stress. Being happy makes you smile, and that can enhance your image.

  5. The face lift itself as well as the recovery time has become safer to almost anyone who undergoes the procedure.The results may not be as good to everyone, but there has been very high percentage of satisfied users of thermage procedure.


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