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Herbal Hair Tips To Counter Dandruff

Herbal Hair Tips To Counter Dandruff

One of the worst skin problems is dandruff that not only leaves us scratching ever now and then but it makes our hair looks dull and unhealthy and eventually lead to severe hair loss and baldness if left untreated. Not only has this dandruff also given rise to several other skin problems like pimples, acne or rash that are often seen on the forehead and cheeks of the people who are quite prone to dandruff.

This may also spread on the face, back, upper arms and on the chest wherever the skin comes in contact with the dandruff. Therefore it is important that you control the dandruff that will automatically control the formation of pimples and acne that tarnish your beauty.

Mild cases of dandruff often improves with careful shampooing using professional salon anti-dandruff products but severe cases seems difficult to be cured and it takes long time. Although dandruff recurs so you need to be watchful regarding this matter.

AS approved by FDA that there are five ingredients- salicylic acid, coal-tar, pyrithione zinc, selenium sulfide, and sulfur that could fight the dandruff effectively and so when looking for the with over-the-counter shampoos you must pay the attention to its ingredients. Other than these you can also follow herbal treatment for your hair problem.

Often it has been found and it even has occurred with me several times that itching due to dandruff causes damage to our scalp by the nails. In the extreme condition it our scalp bleeds and this causes further bacterial infection leading to serious problems.

Before it is too late start massaging your scalp gently with the finger tips in small circulatory movements so as to dislodge the dandruff flakes of the scalp with hot coconut or olive oil and leave it overnight followed by applying 1 lemon juice the next day an hour before shampooing with herbal shampoo.

Herbal hair products are mild in nature proves to be very effective that can curb and control the infection without damaging the delicate tresses and also help in stimulating the hair growth. Henna or hair care products of Henna are excellent for any kind of hair problems. Besides this it helps in promoting hair growth and conditions leaving the hair soft and shiny. Specially prepared Henna Mix is very effective in controlling dandruff, restoring and improving the hair texture.

Lastly I would like to remind that you should keep your towels, combs, hair and pillow absolutely clean to avoid the chances of re-infection. It should also be remembered not to use anybody’s towels and combs. Soak your hair brushes and combs in a mug containing hot water with some antiseptic lotion to sterilize it before you use it on your hair. It is advisable to finish your hair care with herbal rinse or medicated rinse after shampooing that will keep your scalp dandruff free and make your hair grow healthy.

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