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Making Up Your Eyes To Glamorize Your Look

Making Up Your Eyes To Glamorize Your Look

Have you ever taken notice of a lady’s make-up that just seems to radiate that “glow”, and make her stunning, but you can’t seem to pinpoint what makes her look so glamorous? Well, I’ll tell you, it’s all in the eyes! The phrase, the eyes have it, has been proven many times before. The make-up artists of celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Tyra Banks, and Jennifer Love Hewitt seem to have that magic touch that gives the illusion of dreamy and exotic eyes. Ladies, it’s all in the make-up and care for your eyes. And there is a way that you too, can achieve the same look as these head turning gorgeous women in the spotlight. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that the stars don’t wake up looking like smoky eyed glamour girls. There is a process to achieving these stunning looks. Take note of these eye make-up tricks for a quick glamour fix that you’ll just adore!

Arch your brows to begin. The key to a clean look for your eyes begins with a beautiful shapely brow! Avoid the “werewolf syndrome” by trimming and shaping your brows. I highly recommend having a professional stylist do the job. It’s always easier for an expert to tweeze or arch your brows than attempting the do-it-yourself tactic. Be sure to clearly explain your expectations. I always take in a picture to show how I want my brows to look.

Choose and use a good eyeliner. Even if you aren’t trying to achieve that “smoky look”, your eye make-up will not be complete without a little liner. Remember, though, less is more. Avoid the Elvira look by not overdoing it with your liner. You can easily go from glamorous to vampirish if you’re not careful. A kohl liner is best for the glamorous look. Helpful hint-After applying your liner, smudge it with the tool located on top of the pencil create a more natural look. A drawn line creates a false look..

Choose your shadows wisely. Eye color makes a difference when choosing shadow colors. Brown eyes look good with most colors, however, try adding some variety to your face by spicing it up with some color. Blue and green eyes should avoid the blue and green shadows. This will give you a pale and dull appearance. If you have blue or green eyes, smoky colors tend to bring out your eyes the best. A make-up trio is good to buy because part of the work is already done for you, color coordination. When you use a color trio, go from lighter to darker starting at the lid part of your eye.

Applying the Shadow. Most women just start applying shadow without the most important initial step, the base. Using foundation to base your eyes brings out the true color of the shadow and allows the shadow to stay on longer. After the base, apply the shadow with a long tipped brush. These are just better for application and blending. To top it off, add a little liner to the very top of your lids to make your eyes appear sexier, but be sure to smudge it. Helpful hint-after applying more than one color, blend them with a separate brush to create a more natural look.

Mascara is a Must- Choosing your mascara is tricky. Most women don’t put much thought or money into the type of mascara that they use. Well, if I were to invest in one expensive type of make-up, it would be the mascara. Why? Well, for one, cheap mascara can actually lead to breakage of the lashes! It’s true… cheap mascara, which leads to clumping, weighs down the lashes, which eventually leads to tearing lids out to remove the mascara. You can choose thickening mascara, lengthening, or conditioning (if you don’t need longer or thicker lashes) depending on what you need. The make-up market has a plethora of mascara products to choose from. I suggest avoiding colorful mascaras, as they tend to add too much to your look.

Pull your look together by color-coding. Basically, be sure to tie it all together by choosing the rest of your cosmetics to match your beautiful new eyes. If you are wearing smoky eyes, red lips look great! Shimmery shadows go great with nude or earth tone lips. Never mix shiny lips with shimmery, eyes unless you want to look like a character from High School Musical. With a more matte look, say, an Audrey Hepburn classic look, you can sport earth-tone lips or red lips. Just be sure that you aren’t over killing on one color.

Condition your eyes at night. Just as we care for our hair and skin, we must do the same for our peepers! Cucumber peels are great to take away puffiness. Puff reducing creams are out there for you to choose from. Sleep in a satin eye mask or use the gel-based mask before you retire to sleep. Always remove all eyewear to allow your eyes to breathe. Lastly, get your 8-10 hours of sleep, and your eyes will thank you for it by waking up and looking well rested and beautiful.

Following these eye beauty tips will add another dimension to highlighting the windows of your soul. Try these tips, bat your eyes, and be beautiful!

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