Friday, November 30, 2012

Pretty Eyes - How to Get Stunning Eyes Without Makeup

Pretty Eyes - How to Get Stunning Eyes Without Makeup

In this day and age, women turn to makeup in order to enhance their looks. From much sexier lips to a silkier face, you probably use cosmetics in order to get the look that you want. When it comes to your eyes, you probably have different types of eye shadow and mascara in your makeup bag. But did you know that you can get stunning eyes without makeup? Here are some great tips for achieving this look.

1. Keeping your eyes refreshed - Tired-looking eyes are not pretty, no matter your age. Concealer will usually help you hide the circles under your eyes but what will you do if you can't use makeup? Your best weapon is cold water. Washing your face with cold water will make your eyes look more refreshed. An added bonus is the fact that your whole face will look less tired as well.

2. Take care of your brows - You need to shave or pluck your eyebrows in order to make your eyes look lovelier. Bushy eyebrows are not flattering.

3. Curl your eyelashes - Your eyelash curler will be very helpful in making your eyes pretty without the use of makeup.

4. A drop of freshness - Aside from cold water, eye drops will also make your eyes look even more beautiful. Bloodshot eyes are not pretty so turn to a basic eye drop solution to be refreshed.

5. Vaseline and eye cream - Vaseline on your eyelids will also help you look much refreshed and beautiful without makeup. Eye cream applied to your eyelids will also help.

These are basic tips to make your eyes look beautiful without turning to cosmetics. In general, eating right and keeping yourself hydrated will make your eyes much healthier. In turn, you will have stunning eyes.

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