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Cosmetics - Every "woman" Needs It

Cosmetics - Every "woman" Needs It

There is an on-going debate in human society, do women use cosmetics to look good to seduce men or make other women jealous. Whatever maybe the reason, the multi-billion dollar industry seems to grow annually. This growth is despite the fact that certain cosmetics that contain chemicals are prone to alter the natural skin condition and pose a life long threat. Yet women use cosmetics- the fact is every woman needs it at some point in life.

Cosmetic chronicles reveal that ancient queens set the trends during their lifetime and they are still used as a measure of yardstick! No woman has the time to spend 8 hours in a salon doing make-up. But she sure has a monthly budget that includes a series of products to enhance her natural beauty. Worldwide the market for cosmetics has grown enormously and the categories of special products have also increased.

Products for skin, hair, lips and eyes are again divided into soaps, gels, creams, lotions, powders, sprays and perfumes. Further divisions include natural cosmetic line of items termed as Ayurvedic, chemical free, with chemicals, not tested on animals, organic products etc.

A woman is spoilt for choice to enhance her beauty. While some periods in history cosmetics were frowned upon, today the aggressive competition in the international market is evident of every woman’s need to look good.

Cosmetics and confidence go hand in hand. A woman is able to conceal the flaws by using foundation cream on the face. The tonal quality of bases is provided by many reputed companies that are constantly monitoring the needs of woman. The biggest challenge lies in covering up facial hair and acne. Although professionals like stylists and actresses manage to hide the blemishes, a common woman has to rely on her salon stylist for make-up.

There are different types of make-up available for every day (working women), bridal make-up, party make-up, social dos and these are further split into day and night make-up. An average woman has enough information readily on hand to make her self look could. The enormous range of cosmetic brands and easy access allow every woman above the age of 16 years to indulge in beauty treatments. Niche cosmetic treatments segment allows some women to have an edge over the rivals. Every woman has a beauty secret that she does not share with anyone. Therein is the colossal magic of make-up!

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