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Get Soft and Silky Hair Naturally

Get Soft and Silky Hair Naturally
By John Goh

Polynesian women are famed for their beautiful, soft and silky hair. Their hair is always in good condition despite the hot blistering sun of the tropics. The blowing of the ocean breeze every day does nothing to ruin or damage their hair. What is their secret? The secret is that they use coconut oil as a hair conditioner.

Coconut oil does a lot for hair. It makes hair soft and silky, easy to brush through and brings its condition back to touchable. It even smells nice and is great for a pampering session before a good night out. The small molecular structure of coconut oil allows for easy absorption, giving hair a smooth and soft texture.

Coconut oil is easy to use on hair. Put it on the hair, rub it in, relax for a minute or two, and wash out. The procedure is as simple as that. With perfect results you can feel the effect even before the hair dries.

To get better results, some people apply a couple of teaspoons of warm coconut oil at night and wash out the oil in the morning. To warm the oil, you can place the bottle in warm water. If you find that too troublesome, put the oil on and cover your head with a shower cap for about an hour. You can take a long relaxing bath in the meantime. Wash out the oil from your hair after that. Repeat this procedure every few days for luxurious hair.

Beauticians who are familiar with coconut oil swear by it. They claim that using coconut oil as a hair conditioner can be just as effective as an expensive hair salon treatment. It is much cheaper too and can be applied by yourself. Coconut oil softens the hair and conditions the scalp.

Another benefit of using coconut oil as a pre-wash conditioner is that it can rid a person of dandruff better than a medicated shampoo. In some cases, a single application of coconut oil on hair eliminates all dandruff problems. Coconut oil also does not have the harsh chemicals used in many medicated shampoos.

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  2. Hie friends,
    My name is Fiza my hair is too ugly one day if i dont put oil they become like bush . I love to have long soft and silky hair which i dont have my hair are too rough . Even i have lots of drandruff in my hair .
    Plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz suggest me something frndz plzplz plz . God will praise u .


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